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Why Professional Design is Worth It!


Jan 12

Design  often involves activities and results whose effectiveness can’t be easily measured. The results of marketing services can be seen a little easier in the form of new customers and higher profits. When both are combined successfully, the outcome is very satisfying. Yet, in today’s economy, every organization must look for ways to economize. Our firm is sometimes asked to explain the ways in which we provide more value in addressing our clients’ problems and opportunities. So let us share a few thoughts about what we can accomplish and what its true value is. We pride ourselves in bringing value through communication, image, and technology, and we try to achieve these goals in the most profitable and ethical way.

HOME-slideshow3Value-oriented design and marketing is not about style or fashion. First and foremost, it is about effectively communicating our client’s messages, which it is our business to craft. It should always have a direct, bottom-line effect on any organization’s business. Like it or not, we live in a world that is over-communicated and where media are excessively cluttered. The only way to combat this condition is through media design that not only distinguishes an organization, but that quickly communicates its many messages well. We develop everything with this in mind. There’s also another aspect of creating successful graphics and web content: how easily we work together with our clients. Thorough information-gathering procedures minimize their time, and help us to get things right the first time.


HOME-slideshow2 Value-oriented design and marketing is also about image building. You’ve heard the saying, “Image is everything.”. Well, in business, that saying is true.  Over time, all products and organizations develop personalities, just as individuals do. Being constantly attentive to image and brand building is one of the ways smaller organizations get bigger, and bigger organizations stay on top. Creating strong, visual identities and branding is what we do. Our experience tells us that it is a function far too important today to trust to chance, or a low bidder. How a customer sees your business affects so many factors of how they do business with you or if they will even do business with you in the first place.



The design/marketing business is constantly changing. The tools we use get more powerful every day. The media we employ are forever evolving. We must evolve with it. This makes our expertise increasingly more relevant. It provides still another aspect of our value-oriented design and marketing process: the ability to adapt recent technologies and media changes to our clients’ specific needs. This adds to the value, not to mention the ability to look over the horizon and stay ahead of new developments. In short, by investing to keep ahead of technology and media changes, we are able to provide more solutions, options, and ideas to further our clients’ objectives.


HOME-slideshow5As important as technology and its tools are,  in our business they don’t actually solve problems. Only people do. (We’re reminded of a saying ascribed to another jazzman, Duke Ellington: “It is not the piano that makes great music; it is the person sitting at the piano.”) This means that, as with any type of professional service, most of what you contract for with a design firm is an individual’s time. In turn, this means that most difference in their pricing are usually a direct reflection in the level of depth and talent that will be brought to the table.

Most design time is executional in nature i.e., “working things out.” This process does not vary greatly from individual to individual, or from firm to firm. In a service business, there are few economies of scale or shortcuts. The result is that the difference between inexpensive and expensive design is in the value of time expended. This is a direct function of how much talent, training, and experience it encompasses. The cost of employing highly qualified, experienced, and talented professionals often does result in higher upfront costs. But it usually also results in lower costs over time.

We hope you will let us prove it on your next project.

If you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

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