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SEO is the process of developing a website with certain elements that will allow it to rank higher when certain keywords are entered into search engines like Google, or Yahoo. 

Why is SEO important?

Having your site listed on the first or second page of search results will give a significantly higher chance of being visited by people using search engines. Therefore, it will bring more traffic and business to your site.

How high will I be ranked by search engines?

There are never any guarantees that your site will gain top ranking. Not every site can be ranked number one. Any SEO consultant that tells you otherwise is lying. Search Engines’ algorithms for determining ranking are extremely complex, constantly changing, and vary vastly from Search Engine to Search Engine. So there is no way any SEO consultant firm or individual can tell you they have the secret formula. In general, the key components to achieve high ranking is Time, Good Site Design, and Popularity. Although Evolved Image can help with Good Site Design and a little bit with popularity, you’ll have to wait for Time. You can’t force search engines to come to your site, you can only ask them to and it is up to them when and how frequently they visit your site. Don’t expect to go from 9 billionth to top 10 overnight. Climbing the charts can be a steep hill, but don’t hinder it by having bad site design.

How does Evolved Image help me get ranked high?

Evolved Image will code your site using acceptable and recognized industry standards that make the pages “search engine friendly”. Furthermore, Evolved Image will work with you to develop a list of relevant keywords to include in images, content, and, on metatag heading. Evolved Image will also include you in a link exchange program with other clients and manually submit your website to major search engines. Google XML sitemap, Search Engine Friendly URLs, and CSS based HTML tag modification are just some other ways that Evolved Image can help you get top ranking with your desired keywords and phrases.

Why not pay for a sponsored ad rather than have my site optimized for search engines?

Evolved Image often times recommends paying for a sponsored ad for many clients to help it achieve immediate “pseudo” top ranking. However, having a good SEO website will last and last. Sponsored ads charge a recurring monthly fee for a particular spot. Also, it will be quite costly to pay that mostly advertisement cost to every major search engine. Your monthly overhead cost will sky rocket and be hard to keep up with. Designing a site with good SEO techniques is a one time cost that will pay for itself many times over in the future.

Evolved Image SEO pledge

Evolved Image pledges to work with you to develop relevant keywords, make your website search engine friendly, keep up to date with latest SEO news and techniques, and stay on top of the market for innovations in technology.

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