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7 Things Your Website Needs


Oct 13
You’ve started your own business, and your next step to increase awareness is to get a website going; but what are you going to put on it?  How can you be sure the website will attract customers?  These features will help with search engine optimization and traffic for your business.


  1. A good domain name

A simple and clear domain name will not only make it easy for customers to search for your business, it also makes it easier for them to remember your name.  Choose a .com domain as opposed to a .net or .org because most people assume websites end in a .com, and pick a URL that is short and easy to type.  The key here is to keep it simple, don’t add any hyphens or numbers, because they will make it more complicated for the customer to remember.


  1. Easy to find contact information

Contact information such as your business’s email address, phone number, hours, and location are critical pieces of information for your visitors.  When your customers have one or more ways to get in touch with you; your sales will increase.  Make sure this information is in an easy to find location on every page.


  1. Social Media Integration

In today’s society, social media is the fastest way to connect with people.  If you don’t have social media accounts, now is the time to create a few!  Integrate your social media accounts into your website. This is a quick and easy way to promote products and services online.  It will also create word-of-mouth and engage potential customers who want to learn more about who you are.


  1. Physical Appearance

Adding your logo, images, and videos that introduce your business is an easy way to make your website look professional.  Your logo is the most important part of your business’s brand so it should be at the top of every web page. Furthermore, be sure to include high resolution photos that showcase your staff at work and your company’s product.


  1. Key Pages

It is essential to have a “product or services” page that highlights what you offer and an “about” page that describes your business and your goals.  In addition to those, including a “press” page that displays important press mentions will help you build credibility with potential customers.


  1. Fast loading times

If your website takes too long to load, visitors and potential customers will get frustrated and you won’t get as much traffic.  Things that slow down website’s leading times include excess code, plug-ins, and excess multimedia.


  1. SEO

            In order to attract customers, stick to 3-5 keywords related to your business that you can include all over your web pages.  Position these words at the beginning of each headline and in the first paragraph of pages.  This will help people looking for a business like yours find you on Google.


These are just some basic tips to get you started. If you need help building your site, or consultation on how to improve your current site, Contact Us Today!


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